Training Class
NHI 133135 Practical Application of Systems Engineering for Signal Systems
Date/TimeMay 10 - May 11
8:30am - 4:30pm
at Davis Constructors
6591 A Street
Anchorage, AK 99518

- Turn East on 64th Ave from C St, then South on A St, go to the end.
Hot Coffee, Tea and water will be available all day!

Registration DeadlineApr 29
Class Size30
StatusSeats available
Seat Availability
14 seats available for State (DOT)
3 seats available for FHWA
6 seats available for Other
InstructorsRick Denny, FHWA- NHI- Instructor

While every agency in the nation responsible for traffic signal systems is unique, many similarities exist. For most, implementing a traffic signal system can be challenging due to many considerations. 

This course follows a systematic process to plan, design, and implement traffic signal systems as defined in the Model Systems Engineering Documents for Central Traffic Signal Systems – Final Draft (Model Docs). The document will be provided to participants of the course and will be used for the exercises of the course.

Objectives / Topics

This course is to provide agency staff with the skills and abilities to improve central traffic signal system (CTSS) project outcomes. The course will empower participants to engage in a needs-focused, requirements-driven CTSS procurement.

At the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Identify the project team for procuring a CTSS.
  • Gather the information needed for procuring a CTSS.
  • Assemble traffic signal system user needs.
  • Identify requirements for a traffic signal system project.
  • Document testing and acceptance processes.
  • Develop a procurement strategy.
Target Audience

Who Should Attend? – Anyone responsible for the design, management, or operation of traffic signal systems including design engineers, operations engineers, and technicians of state and local agencies, consultants, and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Operations staff.


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Additional Information


Day 1 (8:30-4:30)


Getting Started

Needs and Requirements for Central Traffic Signal Systems

Day 2 (8:30-4:30)

Scenarios for Central Traffic Signal Systems Exercise

Needs and Requirements for Automated Performance Measures

Needs and Requirements for Adaptive Control

Verification, Procurement, and Validation for Traffic Signal Systems

Procurement Exercise


Total Time = 12.0 Contact Hours (does not include lunch & break times). 


Lunch is “on your own” each day



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