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NHI 133078V: Access Management: Fundamental Principals, Application and Computation
Date/TimeMay 03 - May 06
0900-1200 & 1330-1530

Virtual using Adobe Connect (link will follow)

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Registration DeadlineApr 19
Class Size30
StatusSeats available
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4 seats available for State (DOT)
3 seats available for FHWA
1 seats available for FLMA (NPS, FWS, FS, BLM, USACE)
0 seats available for State (non-DOT)
0 seats available for Local Government
0 seats available for Tribal Government
0 seats available for Other
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This course is designed to provide those who plan, operate, design, construct, or administer surface transportation or land use systems with a basic understanding of the concepts and tools available to them, the benefits of successful access management, and the costs of unsuccessful access management.

This four-day virtual course provides more in-depth content targeted for technical professionals. This course is intended to attract participants beyond traditional state and local agency technical staff, including: planners, engineers, permit specialists, legal counsel, and project managers associated with transportation planning, operations, design, maintenance, and development review.

The latter part of the course is designed to provide additional and more advanced instruction to participants than the shorter foundational FHWA-NHI133078 course and is for those who desire to deepen their understanding of access management through more computationally-driven applications of the course materials. 

Objectives / Topics

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Determine the impacts of signalized and unsignalized access connections on a given corridor in terms of safety, capacity, and business market area
  • Describe optimum connectivity for a given land use
  • Calculate needed turn lane lengths, given a set of data
  • Describe the interactions of access management treatments with both motorized and non-motorized users
  • Select appropriate median access management techniques for a given application
  • Select appropriate margin access management techniques for a given application
Target Audience

Technical professionals who are responsible for the engineering and planning applications necessary to support the development and administration of policies, planning, and design of transportation facilities and programs regarding access management.



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