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Right of Way & Relocations FHWA Training (2021)

The purpose of this WORKSHOP is to provide knowledge and skills for effective right-of-way relocations related to eminent domain acquisitions and Federally-funded projects. This course will cover general applications of the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition for Federal and Federally-Assisted Programs (49 CFR Part 24). The course is suitable for all those involved in pre-construction and project delivery that would like a more broad understanding of how the right-of-way group must operate under the law to efficiently and uniformly relocate affected parties with sensitivity and consideration. This live, interactive discussion will be delivered virtually.


Objectives / Topics

Topics broadly covered will include:

  • Authority and Limitations of Eminent Domain from the US Constitution
  • Spirit and Fundamentals of the Uniform Act– 49 CFR Part 24 (and 23 CFR Part 710 Highways)
  • Relocation Eligibility
  • Relocation Planning
  • Coordinating Acquisition and Relocation
  • Relocation Assistance Process and Timing
  • Relocation Notices and Accommodating Communication Needs
  • Relocation Advisory Services and Benefits
  • Identifying a Displaced Person
  • Defining a Business Under the Uniform Act
  • Comparable Replacement Dwelling Requirements
  • Decent, Safe, & Sanitary Replacement Housing
  • Determining Replacement Housing Payments
  • Computing Price Differentials and Rental Assistance
  • Moving Cost Reimbursements
  • Housing of Last Resort Eligibility
  • Evictions for Cause
  • Business Re-establishment Cost Reimbursements
  • Realty and Personalty
  • Advance Relocation Payments
Target Audience

Those within DOT&PF who are responsible for facilitating relocations in Alaska. Priority is for DOT&PF employees, industry by invitation. Industry must include contact information to participate and receive relevant materials and connection details. Contact Heather O'Claray at for more information.



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