Training Class
Synchro Studio 10 Training (4-Day Workshop)

Synchro Studio for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced topics and The Basic Steps of Traffic Impact Analyses TIA.

Beginners - Day 1 & 2 (All the people are same, the topics of Day 2 is built on Day 1).
Intermediate - Day 3
Advanced - Day 4

Objectives / Topics

Day 1 & 2: Synchro Studio for Beginners

1. Course Introduction
2. Map View Inputs
2.1. Building a Network
2.2. Background Images
3. File Setup
4. Data Entry
4.1. Lane Settings
4.2. Volume Settings
4.3. Timing Settings
4.4. Phasing Settings
4.5. Detector Settings
4.6. Signing Settings
4.7. Roundabout Settings
4.8. Simulation Settings

Day 2
5. Percentile Delay Analysis of Intersections
6. Program Reports
7. Optimization
7.1. Intersection Optimization
7.2. Network Optimization
7.3. Time‐Space Diagram
8. Synchro Integration with SimTraffic
9. Warrants
10. 3D Viewer
11. Comprehensive Example Problem

Day 3: Synchro Studio Intermediate

1. Course Introduction
2. Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)
2.1. Preparing for a TIA
2.2. Trip Generation
2.3. Trip Distribution and Assignment
3. HCM 6th Edition
3.1. Signalized Intersections
3.2. Two‐Way‐Stop‐Controlled Intersections
3.3. All‐Way‐Stop‐Controlled Intersections
3.4. Roundabouts
4. Delay Methods Compared
5. File and Project Management
6. ATMS Integration
7. Advanced Optimization

Day 4: Synchro Studio Advanced Topics

1. Course Introduction
2. Advanced Signal Phasing
2.1. Advanced Coordination Topics
3. Percentile Delay Calculations
3.1. Synchro Control Delay (Percentile Delay Method)
3.2. Intersection Optimization
3.3. Network Optimization
4. Time‐Space Diagram
5. Database Access and UTDF
6. Advanced SimTraffic Modeling
7. Calibrating SimTraffic

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