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FHWA-NHI-136002: Financial Planning for Transportation Asset Management

Financial plans provide an excellent opportunity for agencies to demonstrate to constituents that they are responsibly managing their transportation assets. Get the information you need to develop or further develop your TAM Financial Plans!

The blended training approach to NHI 136002 Financial Planning for Transportation Asset Management (TAM) includes a brief (one-hour) Web-based training (WBT) component. The WBT builds foundational knowledge of financial planning in the context of TAM and reviews common vocabulary and background information.

Then, an instructor-led, classroom-based event completes the blended approach. Over the course of 1.5 days, participants discover the key content areas of a financial plan and explore the approaches to developing one. A facilitator guides small working groups as they create a financial plan outline that includes each content area. The groups identify gaps that could reduce the plan's effectiveness and identify the next steps their agency must take to fully develop the financial plan. The teams' financial plan outlines are evaluated by the instructor. Participants leave the classroom with a useful work product that can be further developed and used in the agency's financial planning process.

Objectives / Topics

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the financial plan's purpose and benefits.
  • Create an outline that identifies the components of the financial plan and describes for each component: the required content; key factors that influence the development; the stakeholders involved in the development of the component; and the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder.
  • Identify gaps in policies, data, and processes that need to be addressed by your agency to develop the financial plan, using the financial plan outline.
  • Recommend the next steps the agency could take to develop the financial plan.
Target Audience

The primary target audience for this training is anyone involved with developing the financial plan, including asset managers, program managers, financial officers and managers (revenue, budget, accounting, and audit), maintenance directors, planners, and their staff. While titles and roles vary from agency to agency, staff involved in developing a financial plan generally consist of engineers, planners, analysts, accountants, auditors, and data managers. The participants may include staff from one transportation agency or could include a blend of state and regional participants from metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) or rural planning organizations. Secondary target audiences include chief executive officers from state departments of transportation (DOT) and their staff, operations directors, legislative liaisons, as well as local and regional transportation agencies.


136002A Introduction to Financial Planning for Transportation Asset Management Asset Management. Web-based Training (WBT).

Additional Information

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136113 Transportation Asset Management Overview Asset Management Business, Public Admin, and Quality. Web-based Training (WBT).

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