Training Class
NHI 142055: Advanced Seminar on Transportation Project Development: Navigating the NEPA Maze

Building upon demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the NEPA project development process, this advanced training provides practical tools and approaches to successfully resolve complex environmental issues and challenges. Designed in seminar format, this training is highly interactive and guides participants through the NEPA decisionmaking process, pointing out potential pitfalls and providing the skills and knowledge to apply critical thinking to reach defensible decisions.

Objectives / Topics

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Manage and deliver projects and programs more effectively
  • Apply tools and techniques to their jobs
  • Apply principles of environmental stewardship and streamlining to complex projects
  • Employ integrated coordination of related laws and regulations, as well as coordination among all stakeholders
  • Identify strategies to manage controversial projects
  • Formulate solutions to complex environmental challenges
  • Apply lessons learned from relevant case law
  • Build a defensible administrative record
  • Identify solutions to emerging issues
Target Audience

Experienced environmental practitioners and project development managers (i.e. planning, design, legal, and technical specialists) involved in the NEPA and transportation decisionmaking process. We encourage a mix of experienced staff from FHWA, State DOTs, resource and permitting agencies, and local governments, as well as consultants.



Additional Information

Three seats in all NHI sessions are held for FHWA employees. If the seats have not been filled within 3 weeks prior to the start of the session, those seats will be released to other participants.

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