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Airport Design for Rural Alaska

This two and half day course covers all aspects of airport engineering, from initial project planning through design and construction. We'll identify resources for getting your project off the ground, go over the FAA's design guidance, and cover the unique aspects of airport engineering in Alaska. This interactive course includes real-world examples and shows you how to put the course lessons into practice.


Objectives / Topics

Day 1 AM– Airport Planning

  • Available Aviation Planning and Design Resources
  • Overview of the Alaska System Plan
  • Definitions and list of Acronyms
  • Airport Master Planning Process
  • Funding for Airport projects
  • Airport Layout Plan (ALP) including
    • Using AutoCAD Civil 3D Modeling for Airspace Analysis

Day 1 PM – Airport Design Overview and Runway Design

  • Define Airport and Aircraft Classifications
  • Airport Siting/Runway Location including
    • Wind, Airspace, Environmental factors, Obstruction to navigation, visibility and wildlife hazards
  • Runway Length determination & Threshold siting
  • Runway Geometry & Grading Design 

Day 2 AM – Taxiway and Apron Design

  • Taxiway Design Groups & Design Methodology
  • Taxiway Types
  • Other Taxiway elements such as Intersections, surface grading, signage and markings
  • Apron Definition & Types
  • Apron Design Elements & Capacity
  • Apron Siting, Size & Layout
  • Apron Grading including use of C3D modeling tools
  • Other considerations such as Tie Down Anchors, apron access, markings and lighting

Day 2 PM – Visual Aids, Surfacing & Design Documentation

  • What are Visual Aids and Why are they important?
  • Common Navigational Aids and considerations for application.
  • Airport Lighting Types
  • Airport Markings and Signage
  • Airport Surfacing; Types & Strength requirements
  • Airport Pavement Condition data
  • Documenting Your Design Decisions

Day 3 AM – Construction plans

  • Construction Plans – PS&E Assembly
  • Construction Safety and Phasing Plan
  • Overview of Other Miscellaneous Items
  • Open questions

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