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FHWA-NHI-135095: Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Modeling of Rivers at Highway Encroachments

**Seating is limited for this workshop** Please go ahead and register. You will be placed on the waitlist, prioritized for a seat and notified if your status changes not later than August 28.


The course provides a well-balanced mix of lessons, demonstrations, and exercises for a comprehensive introduction to two-dimensional modeling concepts, including; background data necessary to support a model, hydraulic modeling parameters, mesh development, model simulation parameters, model calibration, hydraulic structures, and reviewing two-dimensional model results. Extracting hydraulic parameters for use in bridge scour evaluation is also discussed. Each concept is demonstrated and participants are given hands-on exercises to apply what they have learned. Once all modeling concepts are covered a comprehensive exercise is provided for participants to apply their skills on a project from start to finish.

Participants will receive a participant workbook that includes hard copies of presentation slides and step-by-step exercises. Electronic data needed for the exercises will also be provided.

Following completion of this course, participants should recognize situations where two-dimensional modeling is preferred and use SMS to successfully compile, execute, and review results for a SRH-2D model on a bridge or other hydraulic structure project.

Objectives / Topics

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the differences between 1D and 2D hydraulic models
  • Use background data in SMS for 2D modeling projects
  • Use SMS to setup and run 2D models
  • Visualize and review 2D model results
  • Add structures to 2D models
  • Evaluate 2D hydraulic parameters for use in bridge scour analysis


Target Audience

The target audience for this course is FHWA and state Department of Transportation hydraulicspersonnel and other Federal, state, local or consulting engineers who have responsibility for, or desire to work with, the hydraulic analysis and design of highway river crossings.


Course participants should have knowledge of the fundamentals of open channel flow hydraulics. The free web-based training course, NHI 135091 "Basic Hydraulic Principles Review" is available for those wishing to refresh their knowledge.

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