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FHWA-NHI-134064A: Transportation Construction Quality Assurance (3-Day)

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) identified the need for transportation construction and materials personnel to increase their knowledge of the fundamentals of effective transportation construction Quality Assurance (QA). This course was developed to ensure that agency, contractor, producer, and consultant personnel responsible for interpreting and applying quality assurance specifications in transportation construction are properly qualified. The course will utilize a Quality Assurance Reference Manual, adapted from the current NETTCP manual.

This three-day version of the course covers Chapters 1 through 10 of the course materials and will be available to, and appropriate for, production, laboratory, and field QC and Acceptance technicians and inspectors. This version contains mathematical terms and principles used in QA sampling, testing, and decision-making. The content also includes how quality assurance is featured in a transportation construction quality assurance program, quality assurance program elements, the evolution of quality assurance specifications, measuring quality, and the roles and responsibilities of both contractor and agency personnel.

Objectives / Topics

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Consistently apply fundamental Quality Assurance concepts, terminology, and definitions
  • Differentiate QA specifications from other specifications
  • Explain each of the six core elements of a QA program and how each is essential to successful implementation of Quality Assurance
  • Describe the respective roles and responsibilities of the project decision makers (Contractor QC and Agency Acceptance personnel) and how their interaction contributes to construction quality
  • Apply the mathematical concepts of variability, statistical distribution, and sampling protocols to measure construction quality
  • Describe the primary components of inspection, properly document the results of inspection, and utilize inspection data to quantify quality of workmanship
Target Audience

This is an intermediate-level course for personnel who are implementing QA specifications on construction projects. Necessary background knowledge for participants: 3-5 years minimum in transportation construction specifications inspections, basic statistical knowledge/training, some usage of tools necessary to the Quality Assurance process (contractor test results). The suggested list of personnel that may consider attending, if they have the requisite background knowledge are Contractor/Consultant Personnel (QC managers/QC Plan Administrators, Senior Production Facility QC Technician/Inspectors, Senior QC Laboratory Personnel, and Senior Field QC Technicians/Inspectors) and Agency Personnel (Project Managers/Resident Engineers, Senior Production Facility Acceptance Technicians/Inspectors, Senior Acceptance Laboratory Personnel, andSenior Field Acceptance Technicians/Inspectors).



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