Training Class
Contract Administration Workshop-Virtual
Date/TimeOct 25 - Oct 29
8:30AM-10:30AM; 2PM-4PM Daily

MSTEAMS Online platform only. Course links to follow registration.  This course is open to Consultants who perform work for DOT and our FHWA partners.  Sorry, this is not open to local agencies or other State agencies as this is a specialized course for Alaska DOT&PF and is not being paid for with LTAP funding.

Registration DeadlineOct 22
Class Size50
StatusSeats available
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2 seats available for State (DOT)
3 seats available for FHWA
3 seats available for Consultant
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FHWA Resource Center Training offered in (10) 2-hour Modules via MS TEAMS.  When you register for this course, you will be sent a separate MS Outlook calendar invitation to receive the MS teams link for each training module.  All 10 modules will be delivered the week of October 25th.  Morning Sessions are 8:30AM-10:30AM; afternoon sessions are 2PM-4PM. 

Schedule for the 10 Modules are as follows:

1. 10/25/21-8:30AM Introduction to Basic Contract Administration Concepts

2. 10/25/21-2PM Differing Site Conditions

3. 10/26/21-8:30AM Change in Character of Work

4. 10/26/21-2PM Suspensions of Work Ordered by the Engineer

5. 10/27/21-8:30AM Ambiguities, Conflicts, Errors & Omissions

6. 10/27/21-2:00PM Damage to Existing Work & Relief of Maintenance

7. 10/28/21-8:30AM Review of Baseline & Updated Schedules

8. 10/28/21-2:00PM Delays & Disruptions

9. 10/29/21-8:30AM Role of Inspector & Engineer

10. 10/29/21-2PM Reasons for Disputes- A Synthesis


Objectives / Topics

The goal of this virtual workshop is to provide contract administrators (and other personnel involved in DOT construction contracts) with a realistic perspective of the challenges they face administering a construction contract.

The entire workshop is presented in the host DOT's Standard Specifications with a focus on the General Specifications (the 100-series using AASHTO Guide Specification language).  Each administrator will become more comfortable with what is in their Standard Specifications that can assist them in administering contracts, and as importantly, what information is NOT included in their contract but still affects their ability to administer contracts.

The workshop uses small scenario discussions to challenge contract administrators to work in the “gray areas” of their contract where the DOT's intent is often not perfectly clear.  The purpose in working these areas is to provide an improved confidence in contract administration decision-making and to help contract administrators understand there is often a delicate balance between administering a contract and managing a working relationship with a contractor.  The ability to balance the needs of the contract with the needs of the relationship can often mean the difference between a successful job and a job riddled with disputes.

These  include topics such as:

  • Administration of contract time
  • Assessment of liquidated damages
  • Dealing with adverse weather
  • Addressing changes in the character of work
  • Owner-caused inefficiencies
  • When to consider owner-directed changes
  • Damage to constructed facilities

A key point for this workshop is to be as clear as possible with all documentation and to complete all necessary contract analysis work during active construction so that if a dispute evolves into a claim, the administrator's time to manage the claim is minimized.

Target Audience

DOT&PF Construction Administration Staff,  Consultants who provide Construction Admin services on behalf of DOT&PF and FHWA Alaska Division.




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