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FHWA-NHI-310110: Federal-Aid Highway 101 (State Version)

During this time of economic expansion and growth, there are dramatic workforce changes taking place. Given the increasing demand by our partners and customers, it is critical to develop the knowledge of State DOT employees in the area of the Federal-aid highway development processes and regulations.

Therefore, the overall course goal is to provide participants with an overview of the key elements of the Federal-Aid Highway Program. Specifically, this course focuses on general requirements and laws that govern the Federal-Aid Highway Program; processes and procedures followed in the entire project development process, including financing, planning, environment, right of way, highway and bridge design, construction, operations/ITS, maintenance, and technology; and identifying flexibility inherent in the Federal-Aid Program.

Objectives / Topics
  • Identify the key elements of the overall highway project development process 
  • Identify the elements and requirements of the Federal-Aid Highway Program and the associated Federal/State relationships 
  • Develop a flowchart of the project development process from the initial planning concept through the environmental and right-of-way processes, on through design, construction, and opening to traffic 
  • Identify the roles of safety, intelligent transportation systems, operations, research, and development in the Federal-aid process 
  • Identify the need for public involvement early in the process, opportunities for application of the principles of environmental justice/civil rights, context sensitive solutions, etc. 
  • Learn the fundamentals of Federal-aid financing, including several innovative financing techniques that will maximize the use of Federal-aid funds 
  • Develop a network of professionals that can be contacted for help 
  • Discuss how the Federal-aid laws and regulations relate to other laws (i.e., NEPA, Uniform Act, the Davis Bacon Act, OMB Circular A-87, 49 CFR Part 18 (Common Rule)) and the application of FHWA regulations, policies, technical guidance, etc.
Target Audience

State and local government employees and private-sector participants interested in the process by which the Federal-Aid Highway Program is carried out.




National Highway Institute, Dane Ismart

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