Training Class
NHI 134037 Highway Contract Claims Analysis & Avoidance
Date/TimeDec 06 - Dec 07
8:00am - 4:30pm

2720 Picket Place, McKinley Building/T2 Conference Room, Fairbanks, Alaska 

Registration DeadlineNov 29
Class Size30
StatusSeats available
Seat Availability6 seats available for general assignment
0 seats available for State (DOT)
2 seats available for FHWA
InstructorsMark Nagata, Claims and Schedule Analyst, Trauner Consulting

Construction contract claims are the result of the owner and the contractor being unable to come to agreement regarding an alleged change. Reducing or eliminating claims requires (1) a reduction in the number of potential changes, and (2) the implementation of practices that increase the likelihood of an owner and contractor resolving a dispute. This course provides the basic tools to address both elements of reducing or eliminating contract claims and has been updated to include an increased focus on claims avoidance with improved examples and additional best practices with state-specific activity.

In this course, participants first walk step-by-step through the evaluation of a contract claim, looking at each component. Separate course modules are devoted to these three components of a claim: entitlement, impact, and cost. The "Entitlement" module focuses on the contract and the proper interpretation of common contract clauses. The "Impacts" module focuses on delay and inefficiency--the two most difficult impacts to measure and, consequently, most difficult to resolve. The "Cost" module explores costs that can prove difficult for the project team to resolve.

Next, the participants identify and review best practices associated with successful dispute resolution. In addition, there is a module devoted solely to claims avoidance techniques and dispute resolution processes.

By completing this course, participants will have the opportunity to master techniques that can help them manage and avoid claims.

Register today to learn best practices associated with successful managing construction contract claims in the convenience of your home and/or office anywhere in the country, remotely. Sessions are typically held as half-day events over four days.

Objectives / Topics
  • Define common contract and construction management terms.
  • Identify the three parts of a claim.
  • Describe how to successfully evaluate change orders and potential disputes to reduce negative consequences for the agency
  • Identify procedures and techniques for avoiding claims.


Target Audience

This is an intermediate-level course. It is designed specifically for State DOTs but is also appropriate for LPOs and MPOs. It is a valuable course for contractors, design consultants, project managers, and attorneys involved in the evaluation, management, and resolution of disputes on highway construction projects.

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