Training Calendar

Traffic Control Technician
Aug 31 to Aug 31 in Anchorage

FHWA-NHI-310119V: Writing Effective Program Review Reports: Moving People to Action (Virtual Delivery)
Aug 22 to Aug 26 in Virtual

Project Management- General -UAA
Sep 26 to Oct 04 in Virtual via Zoom

Traffic Control Supervisor
Sep 01 to Sep 02 in Anchorage

FAA: Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation Workshop
Oct 19 to Oct 20 in Anchorage

NHI-134077 Contract Admin Core Curriculum
Oct 04 to Oct 05 in Juneau
Oct 06 to Oct 07 in Anchorage
Oct 10 to Oct 11 in Fairbanks

NHI 151050-Traffic Monitoring Programs: Guidance and Procedures
Oct 05 to Oct 06 in Anchorage

Project Management- General -UAA
Oct 10 to Oct 17 in Virtual via Zoom

NHI-131139 Constructing and Inspecting Asphalt Paving Projects
Nov 30 to Dec 01 in Anchorage

Project Management- Construction Phase for AK DOT
Nov 07 to Nov 18 in Virtual via Zoom